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Program targeting SMEs that needs support from experts. In this program the expert will support the project with his/Her expertise in the field desired by the client and the expert will provide advice and guidance for the project to evaluate and direct it through the mentorship period.

Period (1-3) months


Program targeting emerging SMEs from the idea to the emergence of the project to the market. In this program the project will move on through a journey (whole process) detailed with steps that create a road map for it to define its strategy and where the project should go and focus.

Period (6-12) months


Program targeting struggling and not completed projects to reinnovate them with new entity and fix their deficiencies to keep pace with modern trend in labor market and maintain sustainability.

Customised Period


Laboratory program to create new ideas and shaping them into live projects. program oriented to creative minds of SNIPER team with no boundaries.

Customised Period

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